A hidden world. A wicked agenda. 


   Grieving widower, John Sable,  leaves England in 1948 to start afresh in the Southeast Asian country of Nusantara. He then disappears without a trace in the woods behind his new home. A spine-chilling letter mailed twenty years later to John's shocked family finally explains what had really happened, and his role in the creation of something horrifying in the murky peat swamp forest.... 
  Fast forward to 1984: Unsuspecting 15-year-old Gemma and her uncle Norm arrive in Nusantara for what’s supposed to be a short research expedition. They soon find themselves trapped in an astonishing realm hidden deep in the ominous rainforest, pursued and tormented by supernatural beings with a wicked agenda. When Norm falls ill, Gemma must battle her crushing anxiety disorder and face frightening events alone to fight for their survival. Who is haunting them? How will their nightmare end? Find out in Shroud, a dark fantasy that will intrigue you until the very end.