Once upon a time, when I was five, I picked up a book and started reading.





     Yes, that's the book. Nevermind that it was part of a series, and that I had read it out of order, I was hooked. I found myself looking for the rest of the series, and more books by the author, and soon, books by other authors too. Soon, I had quite a collection of books that I'd read regularly and just as eagerly each time.


   But sometimes I wanted more stories, told in different ways, filled with particular types of characters, and I found that the only way I could read those stories was if I wrote them myself. And so I did, on pages torn from notebooks, carefully stapled back together, and featuring a cover drawn in color pencils. 


     Eventually, I became a technical writer, and have written over 100 non-fiction articles for newspapers and magazines. I've also penned millions of words for multinational companies and even churned out some copywriting for some famous clients. Nevertheless, my love for reading and writing fiction has never faded.


      SHROUD is my debut novel and a recipient of the Book Readers Appreciation Group (B.R.A.G.) Medallion. It is featured in the Medallion Honoree library at www.bragmedallion.com. 

     I'm currently working on a few more projects, and I'm excited to share more info with you. Do check regularly for more updates.