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Losing Your Mojo

Every writer has experienced this, I think. Days when writing is like having your teeth pulled. You open a new document, or the document you've been working on, and try as you might, no words seem good enough to be typed out. Or, no words surface at all. Recently, I lost my mojo. My muse just upped and went for a vacation without informing me first. I opened my WIP and stared at it for a bit. Then, I closed it and started playing Candy Crush, followed by Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda, and their whole family. For days, weeks, months. My brain just totally shut down its writing department and left me feeling like a useless turd. I was aware that a situation I had recently experienced w

The secret WIP

Do you believe in keeping your work-in-progress a secret? I do. Now. I used to think it'd be OK to talk about it a little, maybe build some buzz around it. After all, isn't hype the key to selling books nowadays? So, a couple of months back, I mentioned creating a book aesthetic for a WIP. I'd seen so many gorgeous ones created by enthusiastic authors and readers, and as I love pretty, inspiring things, I made one. Nothing that would give away too much, just enough to maybe build some interest in the book. And most of all, it would be a sort of vision board to fuel my passion in telling this story. Long story short, I now understand the risks of doing this. As an author, do keep your ideas c

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