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Why I Don't Write Fiction For a Living

People ask, can writers make a good income? My answer is, I think it depends on what you write. I've been a technical and non-fiction writer for over 25 years, and the income has been great. As a fiction writer, though, it's a little tricky. I've been writing fiction since I was a little girl, but it was only in 2015 that I actually decided to publish it. So maybe its's a little too soon for me to say it, but writing fiction will not enable you to pay the bills especially if you've just begun, and maybe not for many years to come. And I hate to say this, but it may never even happen. OK, so I might sound like a Debbie Downer to some, but I'm telling what I feel is the truth. Every year, clos

Retreat to Read

I took a break from writing, outlining new stories, and social media for a few days and went on a reading retreat. I like to think of a retreat not as a withdrawal or falling back (from whatever) in this case, but a mission to treat myself again (geddit? geddit??) with something I lurrrrrrrve so desperately, reading. I brought along a SUPERB ghost story, a superhero thingy, and a couple of true crime books. No, I didn't get to finish them all on the retreat, but what I did read refilled my well of creativity. I remember, how, as a child, I used to bring a book out to the double swing we had in the garden, lie down and read. At certain points in the story, whenever I was extra excited by what

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