Chasing the plot mammoths

I do not have plot bunnies. I have plot mammoths.

I've identified 4 mammoths that I'm currently chasing. One already has its own cover. I wanted to trick myself into finishing the story quickly by purchasing the cover early. I love the cover, I gaze adoringly at it all the time. Am I close to wrapping up that particular work? Noooooo. Joke's on me, 'coz my writer brain moves in the directions it wants. It suddenly veered off course, and harassed me to no end to start a different story.

I'm not complaining, though. I've always thought that having a gigantic folder of manuscripts would be cool. I would have enough material to publish, or query, or whatever, according to my mood or whatever seems marketable at that moment. The hard part is to actually stick to telling one till the end and not run off to start too many at the same time.

I think one reason it's so easy to get off track is becoming too engrossed during research. You begin at point A, and suddenly find yourself watching videos on Youtube and reading stuff on Reddit about topic Z. And then you want to write about topic Z. Jeez.

In my current efforts *attempts* to discipline my writer brain, I'm keeping close tabs on the outlines of my various WiP. Having an outline helps me stay glued to the goal of each chapter, so I don't go overboard with any unnecessary backstories or completely irrelevant, different things. I'm not saying that being a pantser isn't good, I have on many occasions been a pantser. However, I find myself easily distracted when this happens, and so I do three things:

1. Make a note of the interesting thing I discovered in a separate Ideas folder, together with all the articles/links/pictures of it.

2. Forget about it...

3. And this keeps my focus on and mood intact for my current MS.

And yet, I still ended up with 4 stories to tinker with concurrently.

But these 4 are what keep me excited. And I hope when they're finally done, you'll enjoy them too.

See you soon.

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