Haunting hobby

Hey everyone. Hope you're all doing okay during these strange, dystopian times. I don't really mind being at home. I don't see it as being cooped up because my home really is my sanctuary. There's quite a bit to do, and while some consider tidying a closet a chore, I see it as something I can do to feel productive and accomplished. Yeah, my goals are small sometimes, but when I get them done, they still make me feel good. Don't overlook the small stuff, people.

Anyway, one of the things I do enjoy doing when I'm out is a little odd. I like discovering old and abandoned premises, and snapping a few pictures of them. I've seen several houses both in Malaysia and overseas that succeeded in giving me goosebumps. Did I go in? Nope. First, because they're private property and I don't want the hassle of tracing the owners to get permission to enter. Second, because even looking at them from the outside was very unsettling. Yeah, like there was someone staring back. In fact, when I snapped photos of the houses, I had horrible thoughts of having caught something "extra" on film too. A couple of instances, I was actually reluctant to look at the pictures after getting home, haha. And what if, by taking a picture, I had inadvertently "brought" something back with me? Yikes.

This hobby of mine keeps me inspired. It's like getting a writing prompt. "Hey look at this abandoned 100 year-old colonial house, now write a story about why a little girl can be seen waving from different windows at different times." Something like that.

A little blurry, yeah? Because I snapped the picture hastily and fled, haha. And no, don't you guys go zooming in at the windows and telling me you see stuff.

Off to write now (yes, I still do). I already have 22000 words down for this WiP, so wish me luck that I'll get done soon. Stay safe, everyone.

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