What Day Is it?

No, seriously, what day is it? Days pass in a blurr now. If I don't have a calendar or someone I can ask nearby, I'd be lost sometimes.


Our beloved *absolutely not* friend Covid has been with us since November 2019? So it's been roughly 1.5 years now? It feels like longer than that sometimes. 2019 was a rough year personally. I lost my father and eldest brother within months amidst other unsettling stuff, and just when a little peace was needed for grieving, this terrifying germ appears. Like most people, I've been trying to be stoic about things. I mean, there are many, many things that I'm thankful for every day. Days like today, though, make me feel like someone has poured a whole vat of the blues down my throat. I miss being able to go out without being afraid of everyone and everything. Green parks, sea sparkles, lily pads in lakes, granite mountains, the cinema, alfresco dining...jeez just filling a cart with groceries, without wondering whether the sly virus has hitched a ride on something. Days like today, I feel like my soul is curling up like burning parchment.

Here, we're now on yet another extended lockdown, and there's really no clear sign of when exactly life will be less suffocating. Slow vaccinations, idiotic counterproductive policies, wow, it's like a perfect storm of crappiness.

I try to find solace partly in writing. Sometimes creating a scarier world helps me deal with scary, uncertain real-life situations. Maybe this is why I've never really succeeded in writing romcom type stories eh? Hey, maybe that could be my next challenge *makes notes*.

In the end, God willing, this day, this feeling, this situation too shall pass. I'm gonna keep reminding myself of that. Like a paper boat, I'm just gonna place it on this stream called life, and let it go. It may get held up by debris, it may spin around in the current, but with time, it will pass out of sight and get to where it's meant to be. Eventually.

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